Our Immigration experience and expertise

Whether it’s visitors, workers, students or immigrants, we can help you understand your options, complete essential immigration applications and respond to requests and decisions.

Our understanding of the immigration process is the result of our extensive experience working within the immigration system. We are adept at working with the variety of immigration applications, as well as in handling immigration litigation before the Federal Court and the Immigration and Refugee Board. We provide a unique perspective to our clients, due in part to our team lead’s previous experience representing the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration in litigation matters. We’re well versed in the various forms and applications that are integral to immigration, knowledgeable in the relevant legislation and policies, and we’re skilled in handling necessary litigation.

How we work with our clients

You can be confident in our ability to handle the immigration process efficiently and effectively in a fast changing legal landscape. You can also be certain that we understand that immigration is an incredibly personal experience for our clients and their families. We never lose sight of the fact that immigration decisions forever alter the course of people’s lives, and we treat the process with the respect and responsiveness that it deserves.

Our Immigration team is part of a large, regional law firm that has strong roots in Western Canada and we are committed to building long-term relationships with clients based on mutual trust and respect. We have access to a broad range of legal expertise across multiple practice areas, and can assist you with most legal concerns or issues.