What we do for our Condominium clients

We work with condominium boards through a variety of projects – be it amending their bylaws, giving them advice on condominium operations, or advancing their insurance claims. We can also assist in suing those who damage corporation property, pursuing the foreclosure of condominium units for unpaid condominium fees, and enforcement of condominium bylaws.

We also can work with individual condominium unit owners in such matters as buying and selling condominium units, disputing condominium board charges, defending unit owners against condominium board actions, seeking emergency administrator orders, and advancing claims of improper conduct. Let us know what kind of issue you have, and we can let you know how we can help.

How we work with our clients

First and foremost in condominium law is the importance of listening to our clients to understand their objectives. No one has condominium disputes for fun: whether there is an ongoing dispute, or the corporation is preparing for one, we know that condominium clients want effective and efficient solutions that are appropriate for their issues. Sometimes, people just want to know their rights. Sometimes, they want to enforce them.

We also know that when it comes to condominium disputes, the parties regularly interact with one another, both before and after a dispute arises and once it is resolved. In our view, the best kinds of condominium dispute solutions are not only legally sound, but also have a view to the long-term harmonious relationship between the client and the others in the condominium corporation. In finding those solutions, we’re committed to trust, respect, and helping each client chose the best path forward, keeping in mind that client’s condominium community and condominium investment.