What we do for our Real Estate clients

Our Real Estate group has extensive experience in a broad range of real estate projects. We bring the same attention to detail, legal acumen and knowledgeable advice to every project – whether it’s simple transactions or sophisticated $100+ million deals. From complex financing, buying and selling, to investment strategies, and planning and development for retail, residential, commercial and industrial projects, we examine all the options and guide you accordingly. We assist clients with navigating the intricacies of growing subdivisions and large condominium projects, joint ventures and limited partnerships, complicated construction processes, leasing and time-share arrangements. We are well known for our experience in complex retail projects.

Our team has years of hand-on experience in working with development, by-laws and regulations, and with helping you navigate the increasingly complex land use and development regimes. This includes helping you understand the policies and issues that are critical to the success of your project.

We understand the environment in which lenders, buyers and sellers work and are able to anticipate issues and opportunities. In recent years, NIMBYism and government regulations relating to zoning, taxing and issues such as densification and infill housing have created additional complications for our clients who are trying to make things happen – complications that require specialized legal skills and experience. At the same time, demographic shifts across Canada and around the world have changed the availability of developable land, the need for more accessible housing, and the volume of property that is distributed through wills and estates. This ever-changing real estate landscape demands the kind of insight and experience we are uniquely equipped to provide.

Our skill in negotiating, drafting and finalizing agreements and contracts is particularly valuable in a real estate environment ruled by immovable timelines and schedules. When issues arise, and litigation is required, we advocate to protect your interests and make sure the deal gets done – on time and on budget.

How we work with our clients

Our relationships with clients are based on trust, results and responsiveness. Many of our clients have worked with us for decades and count on us to solve problems and keep projects moving, while respecting their time and resources. We take pride in our amiable working relationships with opposing counsel, which allows us to efficiently negotiate and resolve issues.

As part of the Parlee McLaws firm, we have access to a broad range of in-house legal expertise across a variety of practice areas. This includes one of Western Canada’s largest Intellectual Property (IP) groups, which can help you protect your real estate-related ideas and innovations.