Parlee McLaws is home to one of Western Canada’s largest Intellectual Property (IP) groups. We bring considerable legal, scientific and business expertise to our work for foreign associates and their clients, providing insight and guidance about Canadian laws and regional opportunities. Our scientific and engineering backgrounds allow us to understand the innovation and help foreign associates navigate the legal processes and procedures that are required to protect IP rights here in Canada. We understand how to use the law effectively to defend and leverage ideas and innovations to give your clients a powerful competitive advantage.

We have experience across a broad range of industries, including oil and gas, green technologies, life sciences, software development, engineering, agriculture, nanotechnology and biotechnology. With an IP group that includes experienced patent and trademark agents, as well as skilled litigators, we can help foreign associates navigate Canadian opportunities and requirements with ease.

Our legal services

Our IP group is experienced in every relevant area of intellectual property law, including serving as legal advisors to innovation and technology based companies, developing IP protection strategies, and coordinating the purchase and sale of technology companies. We also create licenses and other IP agreements, and craft employee proprietary information agreements. Our experience helps foreign associates protect and advance their clients’ IP assets and explore Canadian opportunities.