What we do for our Energy clients

We understand energy-related issues and opportunities, and use that insight to help our clients adapt to change, minimize risks and maximize opportunities for growth.

Our clients are among the most prominent and promising in the Canadian energy industry. This includes some of Canada’s largest oil and gas exploration and development companies, as well as midstream and downstream companies. Increasingly, it also includes innovators and inventors who are pioneering new approaches to clean and renewable energy.

We have extensive experience in complex transactional work, such as buying and selling properties and companies, through purchase and sale agreements, plans of arrangement and take-over bids. Our team is particularly skilled at structuring joint ventures and strategic partnerships with energy clients, governments and international corporations. In addition, we are involved in the drafting of and review of contracts for the energy industry, including innovative joint operating agreements and oil sands construction contracts. When disputes arise, our team of arbitrators and mediators work toward swift resolutions. We also have highly skilled litigators who protect our clients’ interests and defend their assets whenever necessary.

Our Energy clients count on us for effective advice and guidance on securities matters, including advising on issues relating to corporate governance and securities and stock exchange compliance. We work with clients to ensure efficient and timely completion of private placements and public offerings of debt and equity.

Our team is also adept at drafting, securing and enforcing patents for innovative oil and gas equipment and tools, as well as for novel, non-traditional energy technologies. This includes advanced technologies in areas such as geothermal energy, carbon capture technology, solar energy, biofuels, wind energy and other clean energies. As environmental technologies continue to attract increased international attention, we are working with more and more clients whose innovations hold immense environmental promise.

Our Intellectual Property & Innovation (IP) group is one of Western Canada’s largest and we work together to help protect the ideas and innovations of entrepreneurs, scientists, and innovators who are revolutionizing energy technology and production.

Representative Work

  • We represented an oil and gas company with respect to the creation of a strategic partnership with a Provincial Government and foreign investor for a multi‑million dollar exploration project.
  • We represented an oilsands company in respect of a Farmout Agreement with a foreign investor in respect of an oilsands development project. Subsequently, we represented the same parties in the development of a specialized joint operating agreement for project development with the operator of the project, as a refinement of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Landmen 2007 Operating Procedure.
  • We have represented a large independent oil and natural gas producer in multiple billion dollar debt financings in Canada and cross-border, and a cross‑border commercial paper program.
  • We represented a private Alberta oilsands company in respect of its joint venture participation in its oilsands project development and the negotiation and drafting of numerous local and international construction contracts.
  • We have represented numerous energy clients in acquisitions of assets, and merger transactions by way of take‑over bids, plans of arrangement and rights offerings.
  • We have conducted multiple prospectus offerings, private placements and rights offerings for our energy clients.

How we work with our clients

Our work with our Energy clients goes beyond simple business transactions to become long-term strategic partnerships built on trust. We respect our clients’ time and resources, and work to make sure we use both wisely by providing timely, effective advice and guidance. In return, our clients trust us to provide them with legal advice that solves problems and advances opportunities.

In fact, our relationships with our clients are so entrenched, that we often second our associates to work directly in our clients’ offices. No matter where we do the work, we are committed to finding effective, practical solutions that allow our clients to focus on what they do best – running their energy business.

As part of the larger Parlee McLaws firm, we have access to a wide range of legal expertise. This allows us to assist clients with everything from human resources issues, immigration, and restructuring and insolvency, to wills and estates, taxes and securities compliance – all in a seamlessly integrated process.