What we do for our Restructuring & Insolvency clients

Our lawyers bring decades of experience to our work in restructuring and insolvency, and understand the processes and options available to clients.

We work closely with both secured and unsecured creditors, including institutional lenders, trade creditors and equipment lessees. We help them undertake strategic, initiative-based actions for debt recovery that can help them recover their collateral and get their loans repaid. Our team works with debtors to manage their debt situation, and help them prioritize repayments, access reorganization statutes, restructure debt and, where appropriate, resist collection. Insolvency professionals such as receivers and bankruptcy trustees also look to us for guidance and assistance.

We have extensive experience in working with clients on both sides of the insolvency and restructuring arena, which gives us a special insight into opposing goals and priorities. We use this insight to help clients understand each other’s wants and needs, and resolve issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Clients choose – and stay with – us because of our legal skill and our familiarity with the various scenarios that can arise during restructuring and insolvency actions. This allows us to mobilize quickly and respond meaningfully, using our knowledge of case law and our legal experience and capacity to develop proactive, pragmatic strategies.

We take pride in the fact that clients and colleagues frequently refer us to others who have restructuring and insolvency issues. Increasingly, this includes referrals for foreign clients who have been affected by recent issues relating to oil and gas claims, and turn to us for our regional insight and perspective.

How we work with our clients

We strive to be upfront and pragmatic, and never minimize the realities of any situation. Instead, we focus on using our knowledge and experience to develop and implement strategies that protect and advance your interests as much as possible. Insolvency and restructuring issues are inherently time sensitive, and we work quickly to ensure deadlines aren’t missed nor opportunities lost. It’s an approach that has allowed us to build long-standing relationships with many clients – relationships based on trust, respect and responsiveness.

As part of the broader Parlee McLaws firm, we have access to a range of legal expertise. This allows us to assist with the legal issues you or your business may encounter before, during or after your insolvency and restructuring situation is resolved.