Copyright is a bundle of rights that protects how concepts or ideas are expressed, but doesn’t provide protection of the ideas themselves. Copyright can apply to written works, music, software, artwork or photography and as a general rule copyright endures for the life of the author, plus 50 years. Our team of copyright lawyers can help guide you through every step of the copyright process, ensuring your ideas are protected and your rights respected.

Copyrights protect creative and original works. Visit our page on trademark law for more information on protecting the original idea.

Understanding the copyright process

Copyright exists anytime an original work is created – even without a registration – but authors have greater legal protection and benefits when they register a copyright. Under the Copyright Act, only the owner of the work can apply for protection, although more than one person can cooperate to create the work and they can be considered joint owners. In most cases, the author of a work is the owner, unless the author assigned or licensed his or her rights to another individual or corporation.

How we work with our copyright clients

Our team of copyright lawyers understands the intricacies of the copyright process. From applications through to registration, we provide practical advice and strategic solutions. If situations arise where your copyright is infringed or plagiarized, our skilled litigators can help you enforce and defend your IP rights.