Parlee McLaws’ Wills and Estates team brings years of experience and expertise to our work on behalf of clients. We understand the intricacies of the law, including those relating to issues such as power of attorney and right of survivorship, as well as the constantly changing tax and probate laws that govern the transfer of assets. At a time when estate planning and administration are becoming increasingly complex – driven by modern challenges such as blended families and vacation properties – it’s more crucial than ever to have skilled, practical legal advice.

What we do for our Wills & Estates clients

We provide practical advice in the planning and administration of wills and estates, helping you craft wills that reflect your wishes and priorities for your estate. We work to make sure your will allows for the straightforward administration of your estate so that it moves into probate without challenge.

Planning for your future should include more than writing a will – it should also include plans for how you want your affairs managed if you become incapacitated by illness or age. We have extensive experience in advising our clients about personal directives, such as “living wills,” enduring powers of attorney and, increasingly, physician-assisted death. We’re particularly skilled at developing estate and succession plans for business owners and minimizing the taxes owing on estates. Should disputes arise regarding your estate, we have a team of experienced lawyers to ensure your wishes are respected.

When wills and estate matters are contested, we handle litigation with integrity, fairness, and compassion and work to solve issues quickly and fairly. We regularly represent clients in claims for and against estates and have specialized experience in litigating on dependency issues – something that is becoming more common as our population ages.

How we work with our clients

Our relationships with all of our clients are built on trust and respect. We know that a conversation about your loved ones and your estate is deeply personal and we take the time to listen to what matters most to you. Our role goes beyond providing simple legal advice, to being a trusted advisor on issues that impact the people you leave behind. In fact, many of our relationships with clients span multiple generations, as families come to know and trust us with their most personal wishes.

We provide responsive, efficient legal services that respect our clients’ time and resources. The Parlee McLaws firm also provides access to a broad range of legal experience that can assist clients with a variety of questions and issues.