Canada is a hub for agricultural innovation including the development of new plant varieties for commercially valuable species such as hemp, canola, wheat, barley and flax. New plant varieties can be generated by breeding of existing varieties (i.e. hybridization) or by genetic modification techniques including mutagenesis, insertion of a transgene, or genome editing methods such as CRISPR.

Plant Breeders’ Rights (PBR) is a form of intellectual property (IP) that can be used to protect new plant varieties in Canada, including both genetically modified plant varieties and varieties generated by more traditional breeding techniques. Plant Breeders’ Rights give the PBR holder (i.e. owner) the exclusive control over the propagating material of the plant variety including seeds, cuttings, and any other reproductive or vegetative material for propagation.

Our team has experience in navigating the application and approval process for Plant Breeders’ Rights and can help you obtain protection for your unique plant variety. Our team also has expertise in other forms of IP protection, including patents and trademarks, and will work with you to develop an overall IP strategy for your business.

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