When Michael was hired back at the end of his articles, his mentor asked him whether he enjoyed private practice and saw a career there. He eagerly replied, “Definitely, I love it. In fact, I told my girlfriend that to be lured away someone would need to offer to make me the head of the Ministry of Sports. To which she replied, “Like from Harry Potter?””

Michael was promptly tapped to be on the Parlee Olympic Committee for its inaugural year in the modern era. He has championed classic Olympic events like combat archery, and lawn bowling.

His attention to detail quickly became the stuff of legend around the office. He once counted the number of threads in his office carpet. He proudly announced that there was at least seven. I mean, he’s not wrong…

In his downtime, Michael enjoys engaging in philosophical debates to sharpen his mind and help develop his lateral thinking. Is a hot dog a sandwich? Is cereal soup? How do you pronounce GIF? Does a straw have two holes, or one?

Michael brings that same enthusiasm, meticulousness, and thoughtful approach to every matter and, every client. But don’t worry, he’s not always so serious.

Michael has experience in a wide range of matters, including commercial leases, contract and employment disputes, working on behalf of colleges and associations as well as regulated members to regulatory processes, and insurance defence.