Once you have established your client’s Canadian IP rights through the patent, trademark, copyright or industrial design process, it is important to be able to defend and protect their intellectual property. Our IP litigators are exceptionally experienced in all aspects of protecting and enforcing IP rights in the Canadian legal system including infringement actions, obtaining and defending against pre-trial injunctions, and challenging and defending the validity of trademarks and patents. We act on your behalf at every step of the process, including the application stage when issues or objections may arise that require litigation expertise. Our litigators are also adept at protecting the integrity of trade secrets and enforcing or challenging employer/employee non-disclosure agreements. We understand the urgency behind IP litigation, particularly when dealing with international clients, and act quickly to contain risks and prevent damage.

Defending IP rights in Canada and around the world

Our highly skilled IP litigators understand the complexities of both Canadian and international IP law, and have successfully litigated complex, precedent-setting cases. We have appeared before all levels of court, including the Federal Court of Canada. Through our work with foreign associates and with Canadian innovators pursuing global opportunities, we have become proficient at multijurisdictional litigation and skilled at forming strategies for foreign intellectual property laws.

Our IP litigation team has expertise in not only defending and enforcing IP rights, but also in understanding the complexities of your clients’ ideas and innovations and the strategies that position them – and you – for success.