What we do for our Intellectual Property (IP) Protection & Innovation clients

As one of Western Canada’s largest Intellectual Property (IP) groups, we bring considerable legal, scientific and business expertise to our work for clients. Our scientific and engineering backgrounds allow us to understand innovation, translate it into essential legal products, and help you navigate legal processes and procedures that are required to protect IP rights.

We work closely with both emerging and established innovators and technology-based companies, as well as with other IP lawyers and professionals. Clients rely on us to defend and leverage the ideas and innovations that give them a powerful competitive advantage.

Our client base spans a broad range of industries, including oil and gas, green technologies, life sciences, software development, engineering, agriculture, nanotechnology and biotechnology. With an IP group that includes experienced patent and trademark agents, as well as skilled litigators, we can guide you through everything from initial protection of IP rights, through to licensing and, if necessary, enforcing and defending your rights in court. Our international experience and connections means that we can help you explore international markets, while also helping foreign inventors navigate Canadian opportunities.

How we work with our clients

Our goal is to create long-term relationships built on trust that can help guide you from the inception stage right through to commercialization. We often work face-to-face with clients, and take the time to understand your idea or invention and its potential. We also make sure there is an understanding of the various legal processes and options, so strategic choices can be made. Not only do we respect the power of innovation, we’re excited about helping protect and advance it so you can realize your goals.

Parlee McLaws is a large, regional firm, making our IP group part of an integrated team that spans several practice disciplines. This allows us to collaborate with colleagues on most legal issues you might encounter to ensure your interests are skillfully protected and advanced.

Our legal services

Our IP group is experienced in every relevant area of intellectual property law, including serving as general legal advisors to innovation and technology based companies, developing IP protection strategies, and coordinating the purchase and sale of technology companies. We also create licenses and other IP agreements, and craft employee proprietary information agreements. We help our clients protect and advance their IP assets nationally and internationally.