On January 25, 2019, we celebrated the accomplishments of many individuals within both our Edmonton and Calgary offices at our Long Service Awards.

Congratulations to all those recognized below:


Perfect Attendance 2018

Kathryn Atwood                                                            Carla Chalifoux

Miala Evans                                                                    Candice Hauck

Jasmine Heran                                                               Kathleen Kehler

Megan Laface                                                                  Dawn McOrmond

Dawn Sampson                                                               Heather Williams

Phyllis Yacyshyn


Contribution to Firm Events in 2018

Michael Corbett                                                              Rayne Prins

Krystal Feihle                                                                  Ellen Homeniuk

Shauna Tremblay                                                           Crystal Jensen

Julianna Pickard                                                            Micheline Baker

Alysson Brocke                                                               Dawn Brady

Jenna Ostergren                                                             Sandra Siminick


5 Year Award

Crystal Jensen                                                                Josi Lalonde

Alexa Medori                                                                  Rayne Prins

Ashley Sabados


10 Year Award

Dawn Sampson

Heather Williams


15 Year Award

Sylvia Courchesne

Leslie Dziatkewich

Sheri Mattson


20 Year Award

 Nancy Lang


30 Year Award
Annemarie Wollenberg


Colin Kerr Award: Steven Rohatyn

Colin Kerr was a lawyer in our firm for many years and when he retired, he requested that this award be presented annually to the Edmonton Associate who best exemplifies the qualities of a team player. Examples of such qualities would be an individual who:

  • Possesses and applies effective legal skills whether as the responsible lawyer or as a team member in a support role;
  • Demonstrates enthusiastic cooperation in the team approach in order to achieve effective and timely handling of client matters;
  • Engenders mutual trust and credibility amount his/her fellow practitioners in matters both professional and non-professional;
  • Has ability to maintain the trust and confidence of the Firm’s clients and the desire to develop and to assist in the development of new clients;
  • Actively participates in Firm education and training endeavors and participates in and supports Firm functions;
  • Generally maintains a polite, courteous and congenial attitude toward clients, lawyers and staff.

Congratulations to all of this year’s recipients and thank you all for your contributions!